Book #s 13-14

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.  I only picked this one up because the audiobook version my library had was read by Alfred Molina.  And I mean, dude, come on.  Win.  Alfred was delightful and the book was a lot funnier than I expected/kind of remembered.  I read an abridged version when I was very young and either the funny stuff was cut or it went over my head.  But because of that abridged version, I’ve never been much inclined to read anything else by Robert Louis Stevenson.  But now I think I’ll check him out!  Thanks, Alfie!

Wolf Speaker by Tamora Pierce.  Audiobook, reread.  I enjoyed it more than I ever had. It’s still my least favorite of the Immortals books but I think I built that up in my head to mean that it’s not good and that isn’t true at all.  It’s a full cast audiobook, with all the different bits of dialogue done by different actors and the narrate-y bits read by Ms. Pierce herself.  I will confess to not loving Ms. Pierce’s reading voice all that much (but again, I’m a picky, picky bitch when it comes to audiobooks.  I had the temerity to not really like Madeleine L’Engle’s reading of A Wrinkle in Time.  I have a problem.) but I really enjoyed the rest of the cast.

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