#17, Glamour in Glass by Mary Robinette Kowal

A sequel to Shades of Milk and Honey, which has been described as Jane Austen with magic.  I don’t think that’s quite a fair description since it might give you a higher expectation of the writing than it should.  Which is not to say the writing is bad, because that’s not true at all.  It’s just not Jane Austen good.  Which is not a bad place to be!  “Not as good as Jane Austen” is a criticism I could definitely live with.  On the other hand, “Not as good as Stephenie Meyer” would have me a little worried about my life choices.

Glamour in Glass follows Jane and Vincent on their honeymoon to Belgium, where the couple stays with an old friend and colleague of Vincent’s.  The area is somewhat tumultuous due to Napoleon’s recent exile to Elba and the rumors about his possible return but Jane and Vincent are excited to be working with someone as enthusiastic about glamour as they are and hopeful that they can create a brand new form of glamour.  Will their perfect understanding survive the stress of new magics, restless armies, and state secrets?

It’s interesting to see this kind of book (light-hearted, vaguely Regency-era romance) go beyond the normal courtship stage and be about a married couple.  A married couple who love each other but still have problems.  One of my pet peeve in books/movies/whatever is when problems could be fixed by characters JUST TALKING TO EACH OTHER, but given the strict manners and social norms of the era, the troupe works well in the setting/story and maybe gives you a glimpse of why so few authors write about married couples during this time period.  It’s a fine line between being accurate and having unsympathetic to modern audience characters.

On the whole, an enjoyable, easy book that was just what the doctor called for when I was stressing about work and school.  I’m also looking forward to the third book coming out in April during that fun period between midterms and finals.  I’d absolutely recommend both Shades of Milk and Honey and Glamour in Glass to somebody looking for light-hearted fun.

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