#16, Emperor Mage by Tamora Pierce

I always forget how much I love this book.  The Realms of the Gods has always been my favorite of The Immortals quartet but I suspect that now that I’m older and find several aspects of The Realms of the Gods less sqee worthy then when I was a teenager, Emperor Mage may have moved up to the top spot.  The animals!  The clothes!  (Which, admittedly, not usually a big draw in fantasy books but they should be because clothes/fashion are awesome and since I have Laura Ingalls Wilder on my side, all the naysayers can shut the hell up.)  But the main draw is the characters.  Daine really comes into her own in this book and is A TOTAL BADASS, Kaddar is both pompous and adorable, The Graveyard Hag is a ruthless bitch and I love her for it, and various other characters provide humor and pathos as needed.  The audiobook also added to the awesomeness of the characters, due to some great voice acting.  I’m loving this “full cast audio” thing more and more.

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