Book review: E is for Educating #atozchallenge


Educating Caroline by Patricia Cabot (aka Meg Cabot) is, plot wise, a fairly standard romance novel.  Two unlikely people meet and fall in love, despite not really wanting to, and then after a few hiccups, they live happily ever after.  Nobody reads romance novels for the inventive plots.*  The devil is in the details and Meg’s** novels, generally speaking, have really good details.  One of my favorites is that Meg has her heroine wear period appropriate under garments, which, in this case, is ALL OF THEM.  Seriously, authors, please stop having your heroines wear next to nothing under their dresses.  I know it’s annoying to have to have them all taken off for certain scenes but hoop skirts had to have hoops supporting them, there is no way around this, omg.  Okay, sorry, rant over.

Other good details in Educating Caroline!  The characters.  Meg always has great characters.  The main character, Caroline, is a fantastic mixture of smart and naive, again, very believable for the time period in which the book is set.  And the love interest.  Let’s just say Meg knows how to write a love interests.  Always hot and smart and kind and, just, yes.

The humor.  Meg’s books are always so funny, y’all.  It is so nice to know of an author whose books are reliably funny and fluffy and well written.  There are so few authors out there who consistently hit all three, but Meg is one of them.  It’s a great combination that I think isn’t valued enough.  For years when I’ve been in a bad mood and I don’t want to risk a book that might be secretly depressing or bad, I’ve known I could pull a Meg Cabot book off the shelf and be reliably entertained and uplifted. It’s great to have an author like that in your pocket.

Last, but certainly not least, the sex scenes.  If you’re in this solely for the lady porn (which, no judgement, I have absolutely read books solely for the lady porn) Meg has your back.  They’re hot.  Good escalation of events, not repetitive, no weird metaphors that take you out of the moment, very solid lady porn.

To summarize, standard plot but with great characters, a lovely sense of humor, good writing, and hot sex scenes that make this romance novel very worth your time.

*If you do, please tell me which books you are reading because seriously, I’m a lifelong reader of romance novels and I don’t think I’ve ever read one with what I would call an inventive plot.

**I know it’s generally considered bad form to use an author’s first name like that but I was/am part of a message board that Meg Cabot helped found and while she abandoned us fairly quickly due to needing time to write because of her ever increasing popularity or some such nonsense like that, I did interact with her a bit waaaaaaay back in the day (approximately 842 years ago in internet time) so I feel entitled to use her first name.  I refer to Tamora Pierce as Tammy a lot of the time for the same reason.

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